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Browse our photo album to get acquainted with our church family, and the ways we come together to worship God through the changing seasons of the year; to share God’s abundant love with our neighbors; to grow in faith and support each other; and to have fun together!

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“Good News of Great Joy”

Separated by social distancing and restricted to online and virtual worship, we nevertheless managed to have a Christmas pageant in 2020! 

We used a simple script with five scenes telling the story of Jesus’s birth, framed by some prophecies from Isaiah.  Individuals and families came to the church by appointment to rehearse and record a scene —removing their masks only when the camera was rolling.  Some scenes, and all the prophecies and narration, were recorded at home, and familiar carols were spliced in for the viewers to sing along.



We signaled our support with posters and other messaging, and set up a table on the front lawn with water bottles, and another with an electrical connection and cables for charging phones.

The church building was open for those who needed access to a bathroom.
Several parish members staffed this station.

Many more photos of the protest can be seen in this article in Hello Hamden,
by Diana Natti Theriault.

A full account in the New Haven Independent.

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Gathering on the lawn at St John’s from July through October, 2020,
and the spring of 2021, with members of both churches,
for simple, informal worship following the order for the
Liturgy of the Word in the Book of Common Prayer. 
Scripture readings, a sermon, and prayers
for the concerns of the world and our community.

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The Christmas Eve 2019 service brought carols, reunions of old friends
(especially youth group alumni),
and joyful pealing of handbells with the final hymn.

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All—or nearly all—the Pageant People, ready to go up to the sanctuary for the eleventh annual presentation of “People Look East!” at Grace and St Peter’s, Sunday, December 22. 
Scroll down for much more!

Moments from the Christmas pageant, December 22 at the 10:00 am service:
the opening rap to "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord" ... the story of Adam and Eve ... the Angel of the Lord crushes the serpent ... Adam and Eve are exiled from the Garden, but the prophets declare that they will be redeemed and welcomed into the glory of God's favor ...
Dance gestures to the Shaker tune "I Will Bow and Be Simple" ...

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1 Opening rap
2 Adam and Eve
3 Adam and Eve blame each other
4 Angel of the Lord curses the serpent
5 Adam and Eve driven out
6 To guard the way to the Tree of Life
7 Adam and Eve restored
8 I will bow and be simple

Now the scene changes to the story of Mary and Joseph ... the Angel appears to Mary ...
the baby (seven-month-old Henry) is placed in the manger ... the shepherds learn the good news and come to the manger ... then the whole congregation gathers round ...

The pageant continues with the Holy Eucharist ... after receiving communion, the pageant people sing carols ... then leave down the center aisle singing "Go Tell It on the Mountain!"

17 Gathered around the altar
18 Singing communion carols from the sid
19 Abby the Lamb sings out!
20 Getting ready for the closing hymn
21 Go tell it on the mountain .._
22 ... that Jesus Christ is born!
23 Joyful mingling afterwards!
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The animals steal the show ... and not just the little baby sheep!

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9 Hail O favored one!
10 The Holy Spirit will come upon you ..
11 The child will be called the Son of God
12 The baby is in the manger
13 The shepherds are filled with fear
14 The congregation brings gifts
15 In the bleak midwinter
16 What can I give him? give my heart


O Come, O Come Emmanuel!

In response to an invitation from the Hamden Chamber of Commerce, a stalwart group of parish members decorated the front of the church on December 1, the First Sunday of Advent, 2019.
They hung twin wreaths of greenery with purple bows (the color of Advent),
and set out cutout wooden figures of the Nativity.

These intricate wooden figures were made many years ago by Bill Hume, a Hamden resident renowned for the  extravagant decorations that filled his house and yard every holiday season.


When the Hume family could no longer keep the display going, these handmade, elaborately painted figures were passed to the family of Hollie Schrader, a longtime leader at Grace & St Peter's, and she in turn gave them to the church.

2019 Advent 3_edited.jpg
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Once we had sent a photo of the display to the Chamber, the figure of the baby Jesus in the manger was removed for the remainder of Advent, and set back in place on Christmas Eve.

2019 outdoor nativity-Robin_edited.jpg
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Friday, November 29, 2019

A great time was had by all!  Many thanks to God for our many blessings -- and many thanks to all the church people, neighbors and volunteers who did so much to make the evening one of warmth, nourishment, and friendship!

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Sunday, October 13, 2019 at the 10:00 service

Members of our congregation whose families come from Nigeria organized and hosted a festive celebration on October 13 in connection with Nigerian Independence Day (October 1). The service featured joyful Nigerian praise and worship music, and an exhortation by the Rev. Sunday Adelaja to “rejoice in the Lord always.”

Nigerian members graciously helped some of our other members to join them in wearing festive Nigerian dress.  A wonderful feast of Nigerian foods followed in the church undercroft.

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Blessing of the Animals (in honor of St. Francis' Day): Sunday, October 6, 2019

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