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We have a varied and inspiring music program at Grace and St Peter’s.  We sing a mixture of traditional and more modern hymnody.  Most of our congregational singing is led by one of our two talented organists, Laura Richling and Hollie Schrader, playing our beautiful Simmons pipe organ, originally built in 1870 for a Congregational church in Massachusetts.

This fine organ was moved in 1937, to a Methodist church in Cochesset, Massachusetts.  In 1977, it was purchased, rebuilt, and installed here at Grace Church (before the merger with St Peter’s).

Here Hollie Schrader plays "Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending," Hymn #57 in the Episcopal Hymnal 1982.

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On special occasions, we gather groups of children, youth, or adults into choirs to enrich our worship by singing songs, carols or anthems. 

One such occasion was our December 7 Advent Praise service, which  featured guitar and vocals.  Another is our Christmas pageant, on the last Sunday of Advent at the 10:00 service.  In this celebration, the children sing carols, including solo verses, and may also play instruments.

We also are privileged to own full sets of both chimes and handbells.  An enthusiastic group of ringers was assembled by Kevin Mack, our minister of music from 2012 to 2019.  Judith Kotek, a music teacher and friend of the parish, expects to step in to continue developing this special form of music making at Grace & St Peter’s.

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As well, we have an eclectic praise band, the Ramblers, that leads us in song from time to time, most often original songs composed by a number of gifted songwriters among us, including Reverend Bob, our priest-in-charge.  You can see them here performing one of their original songs, “Holy Spirit Moving Like a Mighty Wind” at the Neighborhood Music School’s Summer Rocks! concert in 2018.

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"Holy Spirit Moving Like a Mighty Wind"

Dan Kovner/Bob Bergner 2018

Holy Spirit moving like a mighty wind

Holy Spirit moving like a mighty wind

Holy Spirit moving like a mighty wind

Holy Spirit moving like a mighty wind

God came to me the other night

Got my wings, took a flight

Flew overhead looked

At the world in its troubled light

Wild fires because of different skin

Let’s put it out and be the kin

We already know we’re the same within

The scars from sin make it hard to win

But that’s where the glory of the Spirit comes in

Nation to nation there’s always strife

Leaders don’t care for anyone’s life

They struggle for glory, they struggle for gain

And never realize their struggle’s in vain

People everywhere want to live in peace

Though peaceful living can seem out of reach

But hopes and prayers don’t go unheard

The Lord’s own self hears every word

She plans to do more than just listenin’

That’s where the power of the Spirit comes in

Remove the basket

The city’s revealed

Let the piano stretch out

While we start to kneel

Our hearts feel that spark

And are truly healed

Free from chains

Peace through flames

Everyone feels rain

This moment brings zeal

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Recently, our children composed a song of their own called “God’s Love Is Great.”

Rev. Bob often leads singing at Dinner for a Dollar, and we have recently begun bringing music to Columbus House dinners as well. 

The Ramblers, riding on the back of a truck, were a highlight of our participation in the Hamden Memorial Day Parade in 2018 and 2019.

Please come and add your voice, instrument and creative talent as we make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

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RA Bergner 2006

My Lord, my Lord, he walked upon the sea

My Lord, my Lord, he‘s the one who set me free

My Lord, my Lord, he filled me with good things

My Lord, he’s my Lord

He came a teachin’ blessings for the poor

He came a preachin’ life forevermore

He came a healin’ to make the wounded whole

He came to save my soul

He fed the thousands with a few loaves of bread

With words alone, he raised the dead

He gave up his life on a cross at Calvary

My Lord, he died for you and me

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