Comments and Meditations from the Rev. Robert Bergner, Priest-in-Charge

Welcome to Thoughts from the Center Aisle.

What follows are mainly my reflections on lectionary scripture, but also other theological and spiritual musings.  Sometimes there will be a full sermon, sometimes just notes and sketches.

Please feel free to comment in a constructive, civil way.  I will be happy to learn what you have to say.


        Here are three things to keep in mind when reading, thinking about and discussing scripture:

  1. The Bible is a multivocal compilation of documents written over the course of more than a thousand years.  Its authors (with several authors sometimes team writing—willingly or not—the same document) say different things in different places—even within their own writings.  And that's okay!

  2. As with any text (or anything), each reader reads and interprets biblical text from the perspective of her or his own personal experience, education and preferences (which inevitably change over time).  Like snowflakes, no two readers are alike and no two interpretations are the same.

  3. The Bible was written in three ancient languages—Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.  None of these languages have been used in their ancient form for hundreds, even thousands, of years.  Those ancient languages are then translated in myriad variations into hundreds of languages that are spoken today.  Given the impressive linguistic complexities of translating defunct languages and the transformation of life and culture that has taken place over several thousand years, it is nearly impossible that the sense we take from, say, a modern English translation of a biblical text is precisely what its original author or authors intended.  Translation is interpretation.




May 31, 2020

Happy Birthday Church, Happy Birthday Grace and St Peter’s!

Sunday is Pentecost, the day (two thousand years ago) when the Holy Spirit swept into the house where Jesus’ disciples were hunkered down, alighted on them like tongues of fire, and cast them out into the publi...

May 25, 2020

Today—Thursday, May 21—is the Feast of the Ascension.  Forty days after Easter morning, the Book of Acts relates that Jesus is taken up into heaven while his disciples look on. Jesus has just commanded them to remain in Jerusalem until they are baptized with the Holy S...

May 15, 2020

Dear Grace and St Peter’s,

I hope you all continue to be well.  I know that a couple of you have spent time dealing with coronavirus symptoms and I am delighted and grateful that you are now feeling better.

Today, I am going to wax a bit more practical than I have in my...

May 8, 2020

Dear Grace and St Peter’s,

It’s a perfect day in Connecticut!  Days like this one made Pam and me fall in love with Southern Connecticut when we first moved here ten years ago. The sky is blue, a gentle breeze blows, trees return to the rich green of spring and summer,...

May 1, 2020

Dear Grace and St Peter’s,

I was hiking in East Rock Park this morning.  It was a lovely, if somewhat cool, spring morning with tiny leaves emerging from dormant tree limbs and rain drops dancing on the mirrored waters of the Mill River.  As you can imagine, between the...

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