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Wardens’ Weekly Message, July 26, 2020

We wish Rev. Bob a restful vacation and look forward to spending the next three Sundays worshiping with our lay leaders along with Father Joseph on August 2 and 9. We want to take a moment to acknowledge Bob for going way above and beyond the call of duty during the Pandemic. Right from the start, Bob’s desire to maintain our connections with each other and provide meaningful worship has been met with an incredible amount of energy and good spirit. We know this is not an easy task and we are grateful to Bob (and Pam) for leading us gracefully, prayerfully, and confidently through this national crisis.

We also want to thank Allison, who too will be taking some much needed time away. Allison is a force of energy that none of us can deny! Thank you, Allison, for everything you do from Dinner for a Dollar and virtual Sunday School to serving as Bob’s one-woman Sunday Morning Production and Film Crew. We hope you both rest well!

The Vestry met this Tuesday and we decided to refresh our energies on outreach to possible faith partners in Hamden and on generating income from property rental. To this end, we welcome any and all ideas from you. We will host an Open Forum/QA Session on Wednesday, July 29 from 7-8 pm. Zoom Details are below. We hope you join us.

Best, Kelly and Sue

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